Welcome to (CYPN) Clubs for Young People Northamptonshire

CYPN is a charity that works closely with the community to ensure that there are a variety of safe but enjoyable activities for children from the ages of 8 to 19 years.


CYPN Youth team building

Clubs for Young People – History
Clubs For Young People Northamptonshire was originally set up in 1948 and was known as the National Association of Boys’ Clubs (NABC). The Association became Clubs For Young People in 1993.
CYPN was set up over fifty years ago and has supported many clubs over the years.

Clubs for Young People – Objectives
To help educate young people in Northamptonshire through their leisure time activities, so as to develop their physical, social, intellectual and spiritual capacities that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society. To encourage the formation of new provisions for young people and the wider community across the county and stimulate and assist existing work, including the recruitment, training, development and education of the leaders, professionals and volunteers required to run the provisions and the raising of funds for the benefit of them.

‘Youth Inspired’
Operationally we deliver a range of projects under the ‘Youth Inspired’ brand name.  Youth Inspired is a social enterprise of the charity Clubs for Young People Northamptonshire.