Virtual baby project – accreditation available

This project aims to provide young people with a simulated experience of the demands and responsibilities of parenthood. The programme also covers sexual health, emotional wellbeing, drugs, grooming and safeguarding. The programme can also include an accredited first aid course if required. CYPN have experience of delivering this project to young people aged 13-19 both male and female including young people with special educational needs.
Young people also take part in a homecare period, where the young person has to care for the virtual baby for a 24-72 hour period. This homecare period can be delivered through a residential at an additional cost. This can be delivered countywide and generally delivered over 6-12 weeks (approx. 48-72 hours) depending on the needs of the group.

- Understanding of the implications of becoming a parent
- Raised self esteem
- Increased attainment and attendance – can be linked to course work
- Increased understanding of key issues delivered throughout the programme

Delivery team: Youth Workers, Drug Workers, Peer Mentors
Group size: Maximum 12, minimum 4
Age group: 14 plus, can be delivered to young students

Babysitting Course – Accreditation available

The Babysitting Course covers a range of areas to develop their understanding of maintaining the safety and wellbeing of children, the babysitters and parental responsibilities, good/bad practice, health and safety, first aid and safeguarding. Participants need to have reached their 14th Birthday by the end of the course. This can be delivered countywide and generally delivered over 6-12 weeks (24-30 hours delivery) depending on the needs of the group.

- Raised self esteem
- Increased attainment and attendance
- Increased understanding of key issues delivered throughout the programme

Delivery team: Youth Workers, Drug Workers, Peer Mentors, Health Care professionals, Fire and Rescue Service Prevention team.
Group size: Maximum 12, minimum 4
Age group: 14 plus

Emotional Wellbeing Programmes
Emotional wellbeing has been identified as a priority in many schools and youth organisations. The programme is designed to provide young people the opportunity to engage in workshops around emotional wellbeing and positive activities to build confidence and self-esteem in a safe environment. Young people’s assess their self-esteem and confidence at the beginning of the course and reflect and evaluate their experience at the end of the programme. This programme can be delivered countywide and runs over two days (10 hours total delivery), however there is scope to extend the programme to meet the needs of the young people.

Young people to understand the importance of self-esteem, confidence, positivity, self-belief to achieve personal goals.

Delivery team: Youth Workers, Sports coaches
Group size: Maximum 20, minimum 8
Age group: 7plus

Water based sporting/teambuilding activities – accreditation and Children’s University available

Clubs for Young People can deliver a range of water-based team and confidence building activities, this includes kayaking, canoeing, and white water tubing/rafting. The water based activities are delivered at Nene Whitewater Centre in Northampton. Activities can be a one off or part of a longer programme depending on the young people’s needs. Sessions are normally 2 hours long.

Cross Curriculum Links
Water based activities provide links into several curriculum areas, for example
- Physical Education / Physical Health / Outdoor Adventure
- Science
- Maths
- Health and Safety
- Geography

In a typical canoeing session, students are shown the basic skills of paddling, told about safety issues and use and care of safety equipment, personal hygiene factors related to water activities and appropriate exercises to warm up then warm down. It is also very easy to link into the session any of the above curriculum items, for example:
- Science
- Understanding of counterbalancing forces
- Hull shapes for maximum speed and stability
- Friction
- Effect of obstacles in flowing water, e.g. weirs
- Mathematics
- Speed, distance, time calculation
- Measuring skills
- Timing and recording – tabular or graphical
- Understanding the statistics of normal and exceptional
- Counting and calculations

As well as all the above, the following outcomes can also be achieved:
- Improved working relationship with peers and adults
- To be able to follow instructions
- To be able to manage risk
- Increased confidence and self esteem

Delivery team: Sports coaches, Youth Workers
Group size: 18 (can cater for more depending on activity)
Age group: 7 plus

Social Enterprise Programme

This programme aims to provide disadvantaged young people gain skills that will help their attainment and develop their employability and raise their aspirations. The programme supports young people to develop business ideas and put them into action with support of Youth Workers and people from industry. The programmes curriculum also covers social action, community and volunteering. This programme can be delivered over 6-12 weeks (16-32 hours) and countywide.

- Increased attainment/attendance in school or college
- Increased confidence and self-esteem
- Development of key employability skills – including leadership, team work and communication

Delivery team: Youth Workers, members of industry
Group size: Minimum of 8
Age group: 13 plus

CYPN can offer bespoke packages responding to young people’s needs, please contact us for more details. Email or telephone 01604 624611